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Student Testimonials

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Shari Pascal Maronie
Virtual Assistant - Dominica

Success can be attributed to quite a number of practices and processes. One thing which is overlooked or not understood is the need to identify the skills possessed by individuals and place them in positions that harness those skills and provide an opportunity for learning and growing.

Crandall has consistently and confidently matched me with business people where my skills are not only required but respected. The open line of communication with her makes for quick addressing of any concerns and this makes a world of difference. 
I trust Savvy Berry Consulting with my VA career.

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Eulet Thompson 
Virtual Assistant - Jamaica

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Savvy Berry Consulting and would without any hesitation highly recommend them. Crandall took the time to understand my capabilities and ensured that the tasks handed down reflected as such. She consistently challenges you to grow so as to increase your value. I couldn't be happier with the results and I know that I can count on Savvy Berry for any future needs.”

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Kensha Wiltshire
Virtual Assistant - Dominica

Crandall- a force who leaves no space for hand-holding, but rather pushes you to your full potential. Working with her for the past 3 years thus far, I've learned a lot from her mentoring efforts and appreciate the extra time and energy she has been investing in my growth. 
Her boundaries for managing work-life balance are so appreciated. Much thanks to her for recognizing my potential and giving me new responsibilities. 

P.S. If you’re not checking out SAVVY BERRY CONSULTING, then what are you doing?

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Nadege Roache
Virtual Assistant - Dominica

My experience working with Savvy Berry Consulting and Crandall was amazing. She was always there for me when I felt lost or confused and overwhelmed, and she would encourage me to keep going when I felt like giving up. She was able to calm me in many situations, which helped me get through my challenges.

She's great at what she does because she is reliable and relatable, but also because she listens well and understands the needs of her clients.

If you're looking for a VA coach who will be there for you every step of the way through your journey to become an entrepreneur, then look no further than Crandall. I highly recommend her!


Nicolette Roache
Virtual Assistant - Jamaica

I have the pleasure of working with Crandall of Savvy Berry Consulting.  Crandall have always went above and beyond to ensure that I’m always actively employed and in a position that’s well suited. Crandall is a great talent seeker, a true professional, and an expert in her field. She is really dedicated to helping her clients succeed in finding what they need. I have no doubt that she will do the same for anyone who is lucky enough to work with her. I highly recommend Savvy Berry Consulting and Crandall’s services to anyone in need of a great VAs or VAs placement services.


Hannah Leblanc Pierre
Virtual Assistant - Dominica

Crandall landed me my first VA project, and this has been life changing. I was introduced to the world of working remotely, which has  been very rewarding. I was given the opportunity to demonstrate my skills, which benefitted not only the company but also allowed me to sharpen my skills as a VA.

Crandall is very meticulous and pays close attention to detail. Her personality makes it easy to communicate with her and is  untop in her game when it comes to solving issues and getting results. 
If you have not connected with Savvy Berry  Consulting, what are you really doing with yourself??

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Makeda Charles
Virtual Assistant - Dominica

Working with Crandall has been nothing but an amazing experience.
Reliable, supportive, inspiring and dedicated are just a few words that can be used to describe her. 
If you are looking for someone who you can count on to get the job done then contact Savvy Berry Consulting
I guarantee that you will receive positive results in less than no time!


Tamisha Samuel
Virtual Assistant - Dominica

Savvy Berry gave me the opportunity to earn and learn how to provide exceptional services to my employer. I get to work with an amazing  team who helps out whenever there's a problem that needs to be resolved or a question that needs to be answered. Savvy Berry also gave me the opportunity to work remotely and virtually in the comfort of my home. I really appreciate what Crandall has done for me. She's the best!!❤️❤️


Dannisha Joseph
Virtual Assistant - Dominica

"Hey, Dannisha, I have an opportunity for you!" Not knowing what it was or if I could handle it I said "Yes". Never looking back.  

I have been trained and placed in her program for over 2 years, the opportunity of meeting new clients and gaining new experience has perked my interest in this line of work. I was given a career path that I never imagined following through on. 
She would reach out at any new opportunity and with each one I learned and I am still learning. Privileged to work with amazing individuals from all aspect of this platform. 


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Omoolorun, Olufemi Sylvester
Virtual Assistant - Nigeria

Working under the supervision of Crandall, has been immense to me as she’s greatly honed my virtual

assistant skills, allowing me contribute to closing more deals for my client. Having a supervisor that truly

cares about you as a person and not just what you’re doing at work has helped me become a better virtual


I honestly can’t find the words to fully describe how amazing you’ve been to me and others who have

worked under you.

Thank you, Crandall.

Omoolorun, Olufemi Sylvester

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Sandy Roberts
Virtual Assistant - Jamaica

We never know where our path might lead us and what our success level will but with trust and commitment we can make each opportunity count.I connected with Savvy Berry Consulting at a time when most needed. As a teacher that is used to face to face daily functions, Crandall made the transition into the online space as a virtual assistant quite seamless. The things i have learned since then has set me on a path that can only lead to success. In going back to my beginning statement Crandall can be trusted to provide opportunities to individuals (even those just starting to out) that will set them up only to be successful, all she requires is your commitment. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities she provided and would happily suggest her to anyone looking to provide virtual assistant service or to clients looking for virtual assistant services. Thanks Crandall you are quite Savvy indeed!!!

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Gabrielle Wallace
Virtual Assistant - Jamaica

Working with Crandall has been extremely fulfilling. The work environment allows for growth and acquirement of new skill set.

Crandall‘s warm personality is very welcoming. This is definitely one of the best work environments to be a part of.

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